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Hamdi, hide your smile!
My friends Hamdi and Simon and I were walking along the Wall in Qalqiliya one day, when Israeli soldiers stopped and ID'ed us. They put the head of Israeli intelligence in Qalqiliya on the phone to threaten Hamdi for bringing internationals to "make trouble."  Hamdi maintained his sunny disposition through it all. 

My day
A day in neighboring Tayasir village. Food, family and fun.
Today I took a walk
I woke up one morning in Al Aqaba and decided to take a walk on the demolished Peace Street for the first time. I ended up walking through Tayasir checkpoint and back. The Israeli soldiers were a little surprised to see a foreign woman just "taking a walk" through their military zone, as if that was a place where real people chose to reside.

My friend Palden and I visited the Old City of Hebron, and the Tomb of the Patriarchs. The area is designated H2, a special case that allows hundreds of right-wing Jewish Israeli settlers to live on top of Palestinian Hebronites, to throw garbage and rocks on their streets, weld their shops shut, and harass them with impunity, and help from the Israeli Defense Forces. On a more hopeful note, Breaking the Silence allows former soldiers to lead tours through H2 and share their stories of serving there.

Army in the village
One morning in Al Aqaba, the mayor called me and told me there were hundreds of soldiers in the village.

Devin and the Bullet
This is a story, told by the principal of the school I worked at in New Orleans, about a student bringing a bullet to school, ensuing tragedy, and a conversation about family and violence.

For Mustafa Tamimi
An account of the funeral of Mustafa Tamimi, the first person killed at a Nabi Saleh demonstration.

A Palestinian theater troupe responds to my plans to bring Israelis to Al Aqaba village. This is one of a few reflections I had on normalizing the occupation, which was a big topic in the news.

Shabbat Shalom, Bil'in
A story (and video) of walking around Bil'in, after their Friday demonstration. The Israeli settlement that sits on Bil'in's land was broadcasting a Shabbat song.

Eid means carnage!
My experience of Eid Al-Adha, the day that celebrates the end of the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca.

Demolition orders
I filmed the Israeli Civil Administration delivering demolition orders to 17 structures in Al Aqaba. An interesting interview resulted.