Sunday, January 2, 2011

I spent the first two days of 2011 in Bil'in, watching the world respond to an event that happened right here. Talking to Jaoaher's family and my friends who handle the media that goes out from Bil'in, then reading articles that get it right and....not-so-right...has inspired me to go into journalism on the P/I conflict. Most of the articles say the same thing. Most disappointing, as usual, is the New York Times, and JPost has it's own slant, though it did a nice article on the protest in Tel Aviv...

Today a few reporters came to Bil'in from human rights groups in Israel, to talk to Jaoaher's relative who was with her from the moment she collapsed to the moment she died. It's too bad the Israeli military, with one of the best intelligence agencies in the world, can't bother to do the same. She must have had asthma. There was no exceptional use of tear gas. She was actually released from the hospital and died at home. Hmmmm, no.

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