Friday, April 22, 2011

Go Fish!

Two recent articles about fishermens' rights in Louisiana and Gaza!

The Louisiana Justice Institute:
Fishers Gather to Commemorate

On the Anniversary of the explosion at the Deepwater Horizon that marked the beginning of the BP Drilling Disaster, fishers and advocates gathered in Palquemines Parish to send the message that recovery for them and their communities is still a long way away.

New Project Seeks to Protect Gaza Fishermens' Rights and Livelihood

The Civil Peace Service Gaza is beginning a new project off the coast of Gaza to protect the rights of Gazan fisherman. The "Oliva," a human rights monitoring boat, will launch Wednesday from the port of Gaza City with an international crew from Spain, the United States, Italy and Belgium to accompany Gazan fishermen within Palestinian waters and record violations of international law.

The press release announcing the project states:

Since Operation Cast Lead, access to fishing grounds has been unilaterally restricted by Israel to three nautical miles. This dramatic reduction of the 20-mile limit, which was agreed upon in the Oslo Accords, has resulted in the overexploitation of fishing grounds in which stocks are close to exhaustion. Fishermen are threatened by gunfire, confiscation of their boats and fishing tools, and arrest by the Israeli Navy which regularly launches attacks and incursions in Palestinian waters.