Monday, August 22, 2011

The Promise

I've been looking for this for months! It's Peter Kosminsky's mini-series on British Mandate Palestine, based on the diaries of British soldiers stationed there after WII. It actually goes back and forth between today's Israel/Palestine and the late 1940's. Before, it was only possible to stream it on Channel 4, which is only available in the UK, but I picked this link off of CiF Watch, which is a website "dedicated to monitoring antisemitism and combating the assault on Israel’s legitimacy in the Guardian newspaper’s ‘Comment is Free’ blog." This is one of the sites that called Jawaher Abu Rahma's death a hoax back in January. In another time there might be a CiF Watch Watch, for those who are inclined to prowl the internet for anti-Arab sentiment. But for now, CiF Watch, I salute you for accidently making this wonderful series available for American consumption. May we learn more from it than you did....

fyi there are a few pop-up ads....and you can't fast forward or rewind otherwise it'll take you back to the beginning!