Friday, April 20, 2012

Askin all them questions....

That had to be the sloppiest, most ineffective visa-extension EVER. I'm so mortified I'm even going to share it.

But I'll share the ending. If it hadn't been the start of Shabbat, I would have been escorted to the border and dropped off in Jordan. Not one more day in Palestine, not one more hour.

But thanks to Shabbat and this guy's extreme generosity, I have five days to leave the country.

Yesterday I went to the opening of the Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival at the Ramallah Cultural Palace with my friend Megan. It was a phenomenal performance by a UK group called Ballet Boyz. I took some video, which I'll post later. Anyways, I remember looking around the swanky lobby at all the people in dresses and suits and thinking, "damn. they get to stay here and it's not even that controversial." And yet the fact that they live and work with Palestinians is controversial to the people who issue their visas to Israel. How fascinating.

I need a job.