Sunday, January 6, 2013

More words from Pastor Shawn, New Orleans

Beautiful People,
Someone told me that her new year’s resolution was to not make any resolutions.  Then she told me that she had broken that one as well—already.  That seems about right.  Life and goodness are always pulling us forward luring us to be if not better, than gooder and happier.  
As for me, I have resolved to read a poem a day.  I hope to imperfectly achieve this ambitious task.  Poems seem to not only make me nicer but they improve my vision by helping me to see “the image of God” of you and to feel my own image of God glowing and making musical sounds. 

So here’s a poem by St. Thomas Aquinas.  Let me know how you feel afterward.

On the Sabbath try and make no noise that
goes beyond your

Cries of passion between lovers
are exempt.

See you…on the Sabbath,
Pastor Shawn