Sunday, February 13, 2011

When the Times Picayunne reports on crime in New Orleans, its website gets filled with racist comments. Example:

Why are you even available to get shot at 11:30am? Perhaps if you sought gainful employment you would be working at this time of day instead of getting shot at. #justsayin

Here's a blog dedicated to weeding out some of these posts:

NO Comment

I read Israeli article comments everyday and it's the same thing. After any article related to Palestinians, the gist is "they're all violent, stupid and lazy and they're getting what they deserve for threatening my security."

Here's one from Huff Po:
...Palestinia­ns have been attacking Jews for a century, have no interest whatsoever in assimilati­on, and rejected every offer to have a state of their own. The Palestinia­ns have brought their suffering upon themselves­, and a relatively mild suffering it is: they control 98% of their own population­, continue to grow in population­, and enjoy billions in internatio­nal aid.

Worst is when people call them "the pals" or "pallies." That's where racism gets felicitous and a little more hair-raising. Would those kinds of jabs would be considered offensive if they were directed towards Jews?

I guess I ask because I don't really see that kind of talk among the Pro-Palestine crowd in the mainstream media. People direct their anger towards the Israeli government, the occupation forces, and Zionists, but a Zionist is a person who follows a particular ideology, it's not another word for "Jew."

If I had to pick a winner for who exemplifies that "hate the game, not the player" mentality, I'd have to give it to the Palestinians.