Saturday, May 28, 2011

There are other occupations. The US occupation of Afghanistan, for instance, which leaves our government unable to provide for our childrens' education and natural disaster relief in Missouri and Alabama. It makes me angry, and I sign the petitions to Congress. There are other human rights violations, in Sudan, China, Syria...they make me angry too, and I sign petitions when they come my way.

Why am I so invested in the Israel-Palestinian conflict? I think it's the ignorance of the Americans who are beating the drum and writing the cheques. I majored in Race and Ethnic Studies, and I have this morbid fascination with American Zionism. It's the same fascination I have with the KKK, the White Citizens Council, and apartheid South Africa. Tradition, religion, community, family, preservation, defending against a threat...these "good things" have been used to give racism a pretty face.

So while I admire and respect freedom fighters, people who refuse to hate, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, in this instance, Hanan Ashrawi, I will always be more inspired by the racist jerk. Thank you, Governor Spitzer.

Mondoweiss-Eliot Spitzer lectures Hanan Ashrawi that Israel has a right to the West Bank but Netanyahu wants nothing more than to give it up

CNN interview-Ashrawi Defends Hamas-Fatah Unity Deal

This one's a little more inspiring...
Glenn Greenwald Destroys CNN's Eliot Spitzer

"Glenn, what I think you need to acknowledge is that Egypt is in form a democratic government as well..."

Why is Spitzer still allowed to pose as an authority on the Middle East?