Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Weekend on the Bay

Riding the Bart on the way to Oakland to meet up with my next-door neighbor from Woodinville, and check out the Friday night street fair!
As I approached the street fair, I saw scalpers on the street and wondered if the fair actually cost money. Turns out New Order was playing....a few days after I learned their name, and here they are....??

Of course there's a creme brulee cart....I liked that guy's beard.

Art Murmur, it's called...

On my way to Arab Fest the next morning, I emerged from the Bart station and ran into an anti-war demonstration! I stuck with these guys for a little while.

Code Pink represent!

Finally, I made it to Arab Fest, and just in time for the Palestinian fashion show.
Arab Fest in the heart of San Francisco

Cool sidewalk statue

The NEXT morning....between three modes of transportation on our way to the Bluegrass festival, my cousin and I hit up the farmer's market by the Civic Center

I led the way to Soul Rebels, a New Orleans Thursday night tradition. It was great to hear brass again.

Glen Hansard was my cousin's choice, and I got chills all through that set. He was phenomenal.

At Burning Man Decompression, some of the installations made a reappearance. People piled on the ground to watch the fire swirl around this hanging bowl.

"Char Wash," where people stand inside a pen and get "cleansed" by swirling flames

This man's tuba was on fire.

When I got back to Menlo Park, I was absolutely famished, so I made shakshuka for me and Carin! That was a tasty batch, if I do say so myself....