Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I just found an 11-page paper I wrote on New Orleans in my sophomore politics class at Whitman. It was two months after my spring break trip to Nola, but I don't remember writing it at all. Here's a snippet...

Culturally, the city’s majority black and Creole population is well-represented in the music, language, cuisine, and overall dynamic of New Orleans. Though the city’s main industry, tourism, is controlled by wealthy whites, the aspects that most attract tourists are those that stem from the city’s mixed heritage. Jazz clubs, Cajun and Creole restaurants, voodoo shops, Native American parades and a general sense of comfort and hospitality are an essential facet of the spirit of New Orleans, but are often misleading, as economically, the city is far from racially integrated.

It's a little...sophomoric. Is freshmanic a word?