Friday, October 28, 2011

Weekend in Israel

So, last weekend Haj Sami and I got a visit from two American girls who are volunteering in Jaffa. They invited me to come and visit them, so here I am, at their apartment, listening to The Tallest Man on Earth and Bon Iver while they make crafts and decorate for their Halloween party tonight. They're trying to find pumpkins too, not a lot of luck. We might carve a watermelon. :)

Tomorrow morning I'm heading out to Jerusalem early. I need to meet the driver from Al Aqaba in Nablus so we can load up our pumpkins and take them back to the village!

Went clubbing in Tel Aviv last night. Talk about culture shock! I had a great time trying to explain to people where I live.

I'll write more about the girls' visit when I get back. That was a real turning point. For now I'm going to walk around their neighborhood, maybe check out the beach, and a party store/second-hand store that might have cool things for the kids' costumes....