Monday, January 30, 2012

I'm sitting on the couch in the guest house, two heaters on either side of me. It's all quiet, except for the occasional rumble of jets. It was raining an hour ago, not so heavy, but going from Haj Sami's office to the house I felt like I was walking through a cloud. It was so misty, I couldn't even see the mosque, just the lights at the top. And the leaves on the olive tree were slick and shiny under the street lights. It was one of those moments in Al Aqaba that I couldn't even think of explaining. My camera would never do it justice. I just felt alone...and here that alone-ness doesn't make me feel lonely. It makes me feel lucky. I wish everyone could see this misty hilltop village.

Though...I don't think I'd feel half as lucky without this gargantuan gas heater. I'm going to tweak the village website a little more, then watch Spirited Away on the projector. That's a misty night-kinda movie.