Monday, May 14, 2012


I'm sitting in Cafe La Vie in Ramallah on my last night in Palestine, Third Eye Blind (Jumper) is playing, and I was perusing through demonstration videos and rediscovered this one....funny to think I was introduced to Bil'in while sitting in my bedroom in New Orleans. Or Walla Walla. I can't remember. It was two or so years ago I saw it, and I was so impressed by this man. I've been here eight months now, and I'm proud to call this man my friend. Just the other day, as happens in Ramallah every week or so, Adeeb drove by me in his taxi shouting "Morgaaaan!" I ran up to him and told him I was leaving Palestine on Tuesday, but I would be in Bil'in for one last demonstration. Unfortunately I packed my schedule so tight that I didn't stop by his house to say goodbye to his daughters. But I'll be back. Tutu will be so much bigger in the fall! Now the Cranberries are on.