Thursday, May 10, 2012


In exactly one week I’ll be on a plane bound for New Orleans.

 The simplest explanation of why I haven’t been posting is that I got behind and didn’t know how to catch up, and it just got more and more overwhelming. Part of it is also that I’ve been embarrassed about how I handled my visa situation, and general lack of preparedness about that and life in general. I think if I had updated every day, this story could have been retold in a way that would reach a lot of people. But the story is personal, it’s not just my story, and it’s not over yet….so I’ll just keep trying to tell it in any way I can. But I have a lot of catching up to do, and I think I’ll only really be able to confront it when I’m back in the States, and some of the weight of being here is gone. I was crying when I confirmed my plane ticket. Over the last eight months I’ve mostly been able to keep a balance between light and heavy, despair and inspiration. Someone would always pick me up. In the last month I haven’t been able to be picked up, and that was a signal. It’s time to remove myself for a little while. So that’s my update. I want to thank everyone for their wonderful messages of support. I'm beyond excited to see you. Now I’ll write about last night.