Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Alright, more photos from the conference!

It went really, really well. I gave my presentation on Saturday morning before Alison Weir, and led a discussion the following night. I got a great response, people came up to introduce themselves afterward and say that it was important to see a non-Palestinian caring about Palestine. I didn't really believe, until people told me, just how impactful it can be. The Sunday night discussion was awesome as well. I got to hear the students reflect on their experiences with dialogue and activism, and in the end a lot of stories about their treatment, as Palestinian-Americans, getting in and out of Palestine. They'd had their American passports spat in and stomped on, been interrogated for hours, strip-searched, had their phones and computers looked into, been followed and segregated on airplanes and buses, and of course, in some cases, been denied entry into to the balad, the homeland. A place that I was allowed to live in, because I'm the right kind of American, the "civilized" kind. I was so angered and saddened by that.

Maybe it's something that would make a good media campaign. Palestinian students with American accents, telling their stories.

I also got a lot of support for a Tubas youth project, some kind of exchange. Hopefully that will bring more attention to the Northern Valley before any more expulsions take place. I'm excited to utilize the energy I found at the conference!