Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Flint and Hartland

Right now I'm staying in Hartland, Michigan at the home of Mares and Chuck. They've been allies of Rebuilding Alliance for a long time, so when I told Mares I was coming to Ann Arbor, she said, "you're coming to stay with us!" So here I am! Right now we're figuring out how to hook my laptop up to their TV so I can give my Powerpoint presentation to their friends tomorrow. Today I showed my photos to their neighbor, we talked for three hours, and she donated $100 to the tour!

Today Chuck and I drove to Flint to see the Nuns on the Bus tour. Sister Simone Campbell is touring around the country on a bus, spreading awareness on the Paul Ryan budget (and how much it sucks!)

Unfortunately, the tour cancelled their Flint stop, so Chuck and I drove around Flint for a while, then headed back to Hartland.

For Election Day tomorrow, we're going to the Democrats office in neighboring Brighton to watch the results there. This is my second time voting in a presidential election, and my first election day in a conservative county. Mares went over today to feed all the volunteers who were making calls and canvassing, which I really admired. I remember being so frustrated in 2008, when everyone in college seemed to be pouring their energy into Facebook status updates for their liberal friends, while our school was in the middle of a red county. I didn't do much better. Still, it was pretty ridiculous.There were billboards around Walla Walla county saying "Don't let Seattle take this election." I thought, whoa, my city is the bad guy....?

But Washington goes blue, and we had the luxury of being a little apathetic.

But I voted this year. I'll take pics from Brighton tomorrow. The next day, Detroit! The day after, Chicago!


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