Monday, November 19, 2012

This Old Heart of Mine

After the football game, this place went to the News. I was going to take a picture of the local news showing bombs in Gaza and all I got was Mark Regev! ugh.

Me and my friend Elena from our SIT Jordan semester (Spring '08)

Walking to church today....I love buildings like these.

Architectural variety...DC's got lots of it...


Pretty neighborhoods

The Lutheran church I went to had inspirational figures on their stained glass. I took immediate notice of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the famous Lutheran anti-Nazi activist, and Harriet Tubman.

As I walked into this church, I saw that everyone had circled up to pray for peace in the Middle East. People were calling out popcorn style, calling for safety for children, and a just resolution. As soon as I heard "just resolution," I knew I was in the right place.

I met up with my cousin, and my aunt and her husband who are visiting from Alaska. I'll be spending Thanksgiving with them!

The sermon was great. Pastor Karen talked about the church being open-minded and taking risks, especially by trusting the energy of the congregation's youth to reach out to different networks and projects around the city. One young member declared she was going to a conference on race, and the church partnered with the event and their presence encouraged other people to take interest in the congregation and expand their activities in the community. It was a cool message.

Most Lutheran church services I attend make me miss my church in New Orleans. I miss gospel music and dancing and raising a ruckus. On the way to this church, I actually passed a church that was pumping music, and thought, "that's....probably not a white church." Hmmmmm.

Still love them Lutherans though. I made a great contact in Pastor Karen, and I might be able to go back talk to some of the congregation. There seems to be a lot of interest there in social justice and the Middle East.

The longest escalator I've ever been down, and it was broken. I had to keep thinking of Mitch Hedburg as I gingerly descended ("Escalators temporarily stairs...sorry for the convenience...")

Peppermint mocha with extra curls, my holiday treat from the Mothership

Protest for Gaza in front of the Israeli Embassy

One of the speakers. Miko Peled was there too!

Song of the Day: this was playing at Starbucks. It's one of my favorites.