Saturday, November 3, 2012

"Oh, Say Can You C" Speaking Tour (Day #1)

I'm in Ann Arbor, Michigan!!

A few notes so far:

-The Detroit airport made me feel like I was back in the Middle East.

-Michigan is cold. It wasn't wise to walk out of the terminal in sandals. 

-The U of M campus is beautiful.

-I went out with a friend of a friend last night, and ended up hanging out with a lot of law students. We discussed the propositions on the ballot in Michigan this November. They need a new bridge because one guy owns the only bridge from Michigan to Canada, which carries a large percentage of U.S.-Canada trade. That same guy is spending many millions of dollars on a proposition opposing a second bridge. Wow.

I talked to a bunch of people about Palestine and the speaking tour. One of the law students was into Land Use law, I told him he might find the West Bank interesting...:)

-I'm staying with an undergraduate named Courtney, who's friends with the conference organizers. She's Iraqi, and her brother was also visiting. We smoked some hookah. 

-The conference starts at tomorrow. So stoked!