Saturday, November 3, 2012

Moriel Rothman, the Conscientious Objector

I'm following the story of Moriel Rothman, and Israeli-American who was just drafted into the Israeli army at the age of 23. He refused, and was sent to jail for 10 days. He's out this weekend, and has to report back again. Sometimes refuseniks get put in jail repeatedly (double jeopardy?!) but Moriel is a late draftee, being 23 already, so they might go easier on him.

What sets him apart is...well, you can see for yourself. I'm finding this story very inspiring, and a pleasure to share with everyone I know. Moving from words on a screen to video is something I know the importance of, but it's not easy to throw off your fears and send your face, and your ideas out into the world.

An important story, and a beautiful soul. I hope I get to meet Moriel someday.