Thursday, December 8, 2011


Maan News-Palestinian Children to Learn Brazilian Capoeira

RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- The Ramallah based representative office of Brazil will sign an agreement with an NGO on Tuesday to implement a "capoeira" project in refugee camps across Palestine.

The project is supported by UNRWA and will entail training sessions by teachers in the Brazilian martial art. The project will take place in Jalazoun and Shufat refugee camps and will be run by the Bidna Capoeira NGO, a statement from the representative office of Brazil said.

A pilot project took place earlier this year. Children from the project will perform at the signing ceremony which will take place in Jalazoun camp.

Capoeira is an art form which combines martial arts, dance, sport and music. It was developed by African slaves brought to Brazil.

I took one Capoeira class in New Orleans. It was so satisfying! But I was a little flustered when we were asked to try a hand-less cartwheel on the first lesson.

Defy gravity. Just do it.