Monday, December 5, 2011

Three stories caught my eye last night.

One was another walk-out at the University of Michigan. I love these guys.

Another was the approval of 650 new units in the Israeli settlement of Pisgat Ze'ev. The Jerusalem Municipality approved the construction on land stolen from the villages of Beit Hanina and Hizma. Usually they're just names of villages I don't know, except now I know that Souli is from Hizma, and I ate mansaf there with him and his cousins. One of the little boys speaks in classical Arabic because he mimics his cartoons, and one girl looks like Gaby Hoffman, with a movie star smile. So now it's a little more than a name.


Lastly, a statement from Avraham Duvdevani of the World Zionist Organization:

Of the average 19, 000 annual olim to Israel in recent years, 9,000 have come from the former Soviet Union and 2,000 from Ethiopia.

"To have less than 10,000 a year from the Western world is a terrible situation," he said. "It puts Israel in danger.

"Every year the [population] gap between the Arab citizens of Israel and the Jewish citizens of Israel is closing by 60,000 a year. So we need 60,000 Jews a year to come to freeze the gap between us and the Arabs."

This is why people are going to care less and less about the preservation of the Jewish state. We're being spoonfed this clash of civilizations BS, like it's Arabs against Jews, wait, which Jews? Aren't there people called Arab Jews? Or are they not Western enough to matter?

Orientalism is so fascinating.

Anyways, here's the Mondoweiss article: A Zionist Appeal to Western Jews Contains Racist Overtones