Monday, December 26, 2011

A Merry Lutheran Christmas

I wrote this message to my old roommate from New Orleans, a Seattle-ite turned Minnnesotan.

Merry Christmas, Lindsay!
I was thinking of you today. My dad got me in touch with the Lutheran pastor in Jerusalem, and I got to join him and his congregation for a Christmas brunch at his house on the Mount of Olives. Basically, I wandered into his house, confused and rain-soaked, to a room full of mostly mid-western Lutherans who were working around Palestine or just visiting friends. We sang carols and ate egg-bake and I was thinking of how much you'd like the girls I met. A lot of them are working for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Jordan and the Holy Land, like my cousin did a few years ago, and it made me realize how bad-ass Lutherans can be, even while eating egg-bake. That constitutes a hot dish, right? Anyways, I just wanted to drop you a line, I hope your Christmas was joyous, what did you do this year?
Much love,