Monday, December 19, 2011

One year

It is December 19th. The one-year-anniversary of my first trip to Palestine. Fitting that I went up to Deir Jareer to visit Ahmad and the Mubaraks, since it was Ahmad who picked me and my brother up when our taxi dropped us off in the middle of nowhere...on December 19th. So last night I got to see the next-door Christian village of Taybeh, all lit-up for Christmas. I was also fairly buzzed on Taybeh Golden Ale from the rooftop bar in Ramallah...

These are photos from last year:

Taybeh, Christian village and home of Palestine's only microbrewery

 The random American guest got a free shave, naiman! ("you look good")

 Deir Jareer

That pretty much sums up my life right now.  Moving from from village to city, city to village, navigating the in-between, feeling a constant buzz...I'm waiting to find out if I have some source of income for the next three months, and if I can get my next three-month visa. Until then, the adventure continues...