Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fire....hits the wire?

A morning party at Burning Man this year. I didn't do enough day dancing.

Today I got to meet my cousin and uncle down at Santa Clara University, where my cousin is starting classes on Monday. He's taking a ton of Poli-Sci classes, and I kinda want to sneak in and audit :) His girlfriend is in Middle East studies, and will most likely be in the Middle East next fall. I told my cuz I'd look out for her, haha. So awesome, though. We walked around a swanky outdoor shopping center and ate some pasta, then I headed back to Menlo Park for some shut-eye.

I like riding the CalTrain. You can take your bike on and bungee it to a rack and go up to the second level and keep an eye on it (or get immersed in your smart phone and almost miss the stop...repeatedly)

Tonight on the way back to Menlo Park on the Caltrain, I heard "True Colors" playing softly, and thought, "aw, great song." It was probably coming out of the CalTrain speakers, or out of someone's earphones. I went back to Instagraming.

A few minutes later, I heard "Total Eclipse of the Heart" and it sounded a little tinnny, like it was coming out of someone's phone. Kind of a weird song to be listening to on a train, I thought. I just went back to Instagraming.

Five minutes later, I realized my Cyndi Lauper Pandora station had been re-activated, and I was the one gracing the whole car with "Total Eclipse of the Heart"

 I mumbled, "Ohhh, didn't know that was me."
 Lady across: "Really?"

 hahhahaha. it had to be that song.