Sunday, September 23, 2012

Leave the guns...

Today I went into San Francisco with my cousin Jesse, and my brother's friend Duffy showed us Dolores Park, which we got a big kick out of. It was to me quintessential San Francisco, but I kind of assumed that that San Francisco was a thing of the past. Hundreds of people sitting on the grass, drinking, smoking, one guy was walking around with a tupperware of brownies saying, "edibles? edibles?" and another kid was walking around asking "anyone wanna buy some shrooms? anyone?" I just cracked up. I understood how this city spawned Burning Man. But there was way less enforcement here in the real world....strange.

Jesse and Duffy and I went up to Coit Tower to see the view of the city, then we made our way down to Little Italy and got some pizza, and coffee, and desserts. The tiramisu and chocolate mousse were divine, but Jesse said the ricotta in the cannoli wasn't fresh. Kid knows his cannoli. Going into your junior year of college having already been a professional chef, must be...well, I envy his dorm-mates.

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