Thursday, September 13, 2012

Home by the Sea

My first morning in Menlo Park I decided to go for a run around the neighborhood. Unfortunately one of my ear buds was busted, so I could only hear Phil Collins in my left ear, but the street and the trees and the houses were beautiful. I slowed down in front of one houses that had amazing roses, and wondered immediately if someone inside could see me and maybe they think I'm snooping, or spying, and then I realized, dammit, I just wanted to admire the roses, and maybe smell them, isn't that why they put them out there in the first place?

I thought about drawing a cartoon where this guy steps out of his house with a shotgun and says, "stop sniffin my roses boy..." It sounded absurd, and poignant.

That shit wouldn't happen at Burning Man...then I smiled and kept on runnin.