Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Flying my Colors

I was talking to Donna about the fundraiser and the tour, and she mentioned that's it's so hard to...something or order. And I was feeling particularly optimistic then, and I replied, "it's the hard...that makes it great!" to quote one of my favorite movies. She laughed and said that she'd just watched it for the first time the day before and totally knew what I meant.

I'm optimistic because I'm doing what I love, writing and film-making and advocating, setting the stage, as it were. Even though at the moment I'm feeling a bit isolated and anti-social and way too "plugged-in." Ahhhh, I'll go out later.

I'm thoroughly enjoying getting to know the Bay Area. This is a place I could see myself living in someday. 

This song popped into my head at the office. Definitely a Bach family favorite. That went on the list of "movies to buy on DVD for the grand-kids because our kids loved the shit out of those VHS's." I still don't think I'm over the VHS. That heated plastic smell...hmmm.