Thursday, September 27, 2012


I've embarked on a great and grueling adventure....learning Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

I've waited so long for this software, and now it's finally at my fingertips. All those videos that sat unmade, or got made in Ulead (*shudder*) will finally be born, or re-born in all their glory.....

Like any language, it takes time to learn. After this long, I've gotten so impatient. One thing you can't BS your way through is export settings. CS6 gives you over 100 choices, thanks to all these Android, , iPod, TiVo, Vimeo, and YouTube specifications we have now. I should pick YouTube, right? But there's no YouTube choice for 720 SD, should I try HD? Should I go up to 1080? What are my frames per second? 25, or 23.9508645968456? Why is that such a crazy number?

Turns out there are different rates for European and American cameras. I bought mine in Ramallah, therefore it is PAL, not NTSC. That's why I have a rate of 25, not that "standard" American number....

There are two PAL settings on CS6, one regular and one wide-screen. Neither of them look good. I've re-uploaded the same four videos to YouTube several times, and I've come to terms with the fact that my camera is poop, but I'd really better not lessen the quality, if that's the case. For some videos it's ok, but when you're walking around Ramallah at night people tend to move around like these psychadelic smears and I swear Ramallah wasn't that fun.

I joined the Adobe help forum, and posed my challenge, why is there no help for SD PAL files going to YouTube? Now it says I've had 11 views, but no replies. I'm getting a little fed up with trial-and-error, I'd much rather someone tell me what to do at this point. 

Initially I said I bought the camera in Ramallah, then I changed it to Jerusalem. I actually wondered if someone would choose not to help me or give me bad advice if they saw "Ramallah." At the same time now the people on the forum won't have heard of that poster who bought their camera in Ramallah, and Ramallah won't get that "normal" mention it deserves.

And so it goes. Expediency and paranoia win again.

This is another Twin Shadow song, it's been in my head for the last few days.....