Tuesday, November 1, 2011

15 shot, 2 dead in 4 New Orleans Halloween Night Shootings

New Orleans!! :(

Article from nola.com

"Why is America so violent?"

I saw this link the other day from nola.com too....

New Orleans Police Department is shrinking due to increasing rate of dismissals

After the officers were convicted in the post-Katrina Danziger Bridge killings, the NOPD has been front and center. It's weird going from a place where cops are everywhere, to Palestine, a place where a lot of people don't even know how to call the police, because they don't need to.

Sadly, the police don't have any power against the Occupation Forces. If an Israeli soldier breaks down someone's door, searches their home, and puts a minor in the back of the jeep, there's no one they can call, except maybe an Israeli lawyer who knows how to fight occupation policy...

The police situation in New Orleans is also pretty bleak. I went to a few community meetings with the OPPRC, the Orleans Parish Prison....Reform Committee, I think. My friend in New Orleans told me during Hurricane Gustav in 2007, he was arrested for a traffic violation and put in Orleans Parish Prison and left there for three days without food or a phone call. When he protested they threatened to throw him in the psych ward, the infamous 10th floor...??

Such messed up systems we have...but where you find injustice you also find strength and warmth...it's why New Orleans and Palestine are my two favorite places :)