Monday, November 14, 2011

This morning I stayed up until 6:30 writing, researching and browsing Youtube videos of Ron Paul, and I slept in until noon. My phone was on silent, and I was dead to the world. Haj Sami had visitors for the building project and they wanted to meet me, and I missed the boys' lesson.

I was so embarrassed. My relationship with Haj Sami and the village is so important to me, but I can be awkward, shy, avoidant, self-conscious that I'm an alien and can't speak Arabic, and I'm afraid it makes me a bit of a flake. I have four more weeks of teaching, so I need to step it up.

The adult class went really well, though. We practiced the words too, so, much, many and enough. The ever-useful Arabic word "ktir" covers a lot of these words, so you have people saying "I was so much tired..."

here's a short video of Magdad and Noor and their dad, Abu Abed, torching olives to make oil, and a rainbow, and the Israeli training camp letting off some weird yellow smoke....