Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.

Also a pleasant name. Also a really racist organization...I don't understand how they do it. How do you cater to American Christians without letting it slip that you're oppressing their fellow Christians in Palestine? Don't let them find out there are Palestinian Christians? Their shtick is: All Palestinians are Muslims, and we, the civilized ones, are united against them.

They don't have the best reputation in Israel, because they ask for international charity money for an already-wealthy state, but a lot of American Christians don't know that. They give a lot of money to this guy. The first time I saw him was on an Evangelical channel, while he was making an appeal for money to airlift Russian Jews to Israel. I subscribed to his e-mail list, and I find his ramblings both entertaining and sad. He doesn't seem to know that the casualty ratio in this conflict is 100 Palestinians to every Israeli, or acknowledge that Palestinians are capable of suffering. It's amusingly naive, but not amusing at the same time, because you know how many people are eating it up.

Imagine putting a dinosaur bandaid over a gaping wound. Now imagine that dinosaur bandaid costs a million dollars.

When the Code Red alarm signals an incoming terrorist rocket, Israeli schoolchildren have just 12 seconds to reach safety.

As unrest and instability continue to spread across the Middle East and more terrorist rockets rain down on Israeli cities, Israel’s Ministry of Defense has turned to IFCJ for help providing emergency bomb shelters.

While IFCJ has already funded the renovation or construction of thousands of bomb shelters over the past five years, there are still many areas that don’t have the protection needed.

We are calling on faithful friends like you to help us meet this security need by supporting The Fellowship’s Emergency Bomb Shelter Project today.

Due to the urgent need for additional shelters, we are funding a highly effective but low cost design that will allow us to protect more people in the most vulnerable areas.

IFCJ’s immediate focus is on protecting schools in southern Israel that are at immediate risk of rocket and mortar attacks. With your gift today, we can ensure that innocent children will have a bomb shelter to run to for safety!

With so much turmoil in the Holy Land, Israel clearly needs us more than ever. I hope you will join us by responding in a meaningful way through IFCJ’s Emergency Bomb Shelter Project.

With prayers for shalom, peace,
Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein

I wish this man would come to Al Aqaba. Nothing like a little makloubeh with the Palestinians to quell your fears....