Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Demolitions in Al Qasab

This happened yesterday, on a Palestinian national holiday.

Al Qasab Demolished as Hundreds of Israeli Soldiers Watch

15 November 2011 | International Solidarity Movement, West Bank

This morning, on Tuesday 15th November, national day of Palestine, three houses in Al Qasab near Jericho were destroyed by the Israeli military.

During the early morning, between two and three hundred Israeli soldiers entered Al Qasab with bulldozers and destroyed the houses. The village is in Area C; under full Israeli administrative and military control.

The Fakhori family had some time to move some furniture and belongings outside before their house was destroyed as they were present when the Israeli military arrived. The two other families were absent and didn’t have the chance to salvage any possessions. They returned to find their homes reduced to rubble, with all their belongings inside.

No one in the village was informed of the reason for the demolition and no prior warning or legal order was delivered. One of houses was built just two years ago and the family had a permit to build from the Israeli administration.

The three families must now find a roof to cover their heads tonight. One family is able to move in to his father’s house, but it is not known what the others will do. Naturally, the victims are distraught. They asked us ‘Who will pay for this?’ but they are under no illusions; they know that neither the Israelis or the Palestinian authorities will provide them with any help.

The activists who reported the demolition are from the International Solidarity Movement. Their volunteers get the call and are usually the first to arrive on the scene, to document what's happening and provide an international presence. Zionists like to smear them as terrorist shields, while they're witnessing home demolitions and protecting farmers and fisherman from being shot. (????) It's sickening. If I were to join the ISM, my name, birthday and passport number would be published on this site:

From Stop the ISM:
The following names and passport numbers are members of the ISM who have interfered with anti-terrorism activities of the Israel Defense Forces in the West Bank and Gaza. If you want to make a real effort for peace in the world, note these names and individuals. In the US or UK, if you recognize them as from your area or neighborhood, contact your local law enforcement, local police, FBI and Homeland Security and advise them that these people have functioned as human shields for Hamas in Judea and Samaria or in Gaza and should be regarded as national security risks at home. If they are foreign nationals from Germany or Sweden, notify your local FBI. Write your local newspapers and tell them about these people. These are not "peace activists", not "human rights" workers. These are people who want terrorist organizations to succeed in their efforts to destroy the democracies of Israel, the UK and the Untied States. Today they operate in the shadows, but let their families, their associates and local law enforcement know who they are and where they can be found. Alert the TSA if they attempt to fly. Contact the US Diplomatic Security Service in your US city to void their passports for assisting as human shields the terrorists in Hamas and Fatah. If they attend your college, alert the administration. The deaths of Osama Bin Laden and Vittorio Arrigoni show how evil will eventually be conquered by good people. Both Hamas and Fatah have expressed grief at the demise of Bin Laden and the ISM also has said nothing about the killing of the murderer of thousands of Americans and Israelis because they support the terrorists who supported and worshipped Bin Laden. Arrigoni will not be the only ISM idiot taken out by Hamas or Fatah. These people below function as a fifth column within our democracies to help the allies of Bin Laden and Hamas. Together, we can all STOP THE ISM!!!

Over the last year Stop the ISM has enlisted people in the U.S. and Canada as well as the U.K. to infiltrate the ISM and report to the Israeli authorities. We have managed to deport over 75 ISM "volunteers" from Israel as a result during the War On Terror.

There are so many reasons to pray for the end of the Occupation. I pray that someday Israel will lose the authority to deport me.