Wednesday, November 23, 2011


There is so much to be thankful for.

First off, having three mothers in the Guest House, cleaning and cooking and nesting for me...

My kindergarten students, who waited patiently and eagerly while we went around and traced their hands into turkeys and sharpened their colored pencils...

My friend Nancy, who escorted us around Nablus and helped us find shawarma, fruit, pants, cinnamon, forks, towels, and shoes in under an hour. Bravo aleik, ya Nancy!

All the people who have invited us to their homes to eat makloubeh, even though we "haven't the time."

Patience and flexibility...for the five people from Bethelehem who just showed up to stay in the apartment, even though we were occupying two of three rooms and all of the blankets. :)

The amazing work those five people do, driving a Play Bus around to kindergartens in the West Bank...

Swedish Fish, even though I didn't enjoy them until today...

The amazing dentist who is going to fix all of my cavities.

Nutella, which will sit on my shelf and make other guests happy :)

The tin box on wheels that cooked four perfect chickens.

My student, Abdul Nasr, who proudly announced, "I'm going to try some of everything" and encouraged others to do the same. The Japanese would call him genki, some kind of enthusiastic.

I just caught a mosquito in mid-air.

The mosquito net my aunt made. :)

Deviled eggs.

Our seventeen guests, from Bethelehem, Tubas, Tayasir and Al Aqaba.

Our now-stable wireless internet, through which I learned how to replace my E-string and play What a Wonderful World.

The fuzzy blankets that Haj Sami brought...I'm speaking for myself and all the winter guests to come...

My mother and Catherine are giving thanks for the sounds of the village, which they'll miss waking up to. Especially the bells of the goats and the call to prayer.

Haj Sami gave thanks for us being in the village, and hopes that we will bring this image of the Palestinians back to America, and tell everyone that Al Aqaba just wants peace.

The Italian guy gave thanks for his team on the Play Bus, and the hospitality (and random Thanksgiving party) they found in Al Aqaba...

Finally, I'm thankful for that feeling I get every day, that there's no where else I'd rather be...

Happy Thanksgiving from Al Aqaba!