Saturday, June 23, 2012

Before He Cheats

New rule: I can post retro-actively.

This is for yesterday. The song was going to be Steve Perry's "Oh Sherrie" because my dad and I were sitting in 520 traffic blasting that song and it reminded me of the Tribute to the Female mix I made with only women's names...that was a cool mix.

Anyway, this is my song of yesterday, because I sang it for karaoke at Finn McCool's on the Ave. I was teetering between this one and "Can't Fight the Moonlight," and decided Carrie Underwood would be easier, thus more stage fright-proof.


Nick busted out "Twist and Shout" and I think the whole place fell in love with him.


TIAA-CREF just dropped Caterpillar. I'll be writing more about this later.