Saturday, June 9, 2012

I just woke up on my couch with no recollection of coming home. I just know I have a slight aversion to Fireball now.

One of my good friends from high school came over last night. We watched 50/50 with Joseph Gordon Levitt (starring him, not WITH him, though that would've been cool) and talked about nutrition and how most of the studies are crap. Tofu actually isn't good for you. If it's unfermented, which it usually isn't. Anyways, I've been digging around the kitchen for lots of protein things. Landed on some nice leftover cheeses.
Nick and I also hit up a karaoke bar in Ballard. We sang "Any Way You Want It" and I think I sang another song. I requested two, but it was getting late. Definitely didn't get to sing "Born This Way," maybe next time.
I've been home for five days now. In that time I've gone to the gym three times, acquired my first Smart Phone, worked on my guitar calluses, warmed up the vocal chords. I'm happy about the exercising, especially now that I can listen to Pandora on my new Smart Phone!! (which I named Lucy because it's an LG Lucid). That solves the lack of iPod and general boredom problem. Though now I can check Facebook at all times of the day and that gives me mixed feelings.
But I do understand Twitter now, with this thing in my pocket.

It's weird to be back. I expected it to be weird, but I didn't know I would feel this powerless. I've put it upon myself to start a big media project about my experience (and the experience of foreigners) in Palestine, and I feel unprepared to tackle it. And my head is still swimming. I like talking to people about it, I just can't make myself sit down and and do it. I think I need to find a coffeeshop to perch in, that always did the trick in Ramallah. Tonight Richard Falk is speaking near UW. He's a Princeton professor and used to be the UN-something for Palestine, so that'll be interesting. Three things I saw today:
The website for 5 Broken Cameras, which is about the resistance in Bil'in. You can read about it and watch videos here:

A video I found on an Israeli blog about an incident in Gaza in 2009:

And an article about Jerusalem Day, when Israeli right-wingers go marching around the Arab parts of Jerusalem waving Israeli flags and shouting "Death to the Arabs" and such.