Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Today I babysat the two most wonderful, adorable, intelligent children ever. The brother is hooked on a game called MineCraft, and he took me on a tour of the light-house he designed. This is how it went:

" and this is the second level, called the distribution center, and this is where the pistons pump so that the shutters can move like that, mmk?" then we climb up to the next level.

"Hey...where did you get the idea to, uhhh....obscure the glowstone?"

"It's obscured....because that's just the design..."

Yeah, he's 9. .....

After the nanny switch-off, I made my way to the Mosaic Coffeehouse in Wallingford to meet up with my friend Ed and his friend Hanna, who is organizing the Palestinian soccer team for the All Nations tournament in a few weeks. Ed thought it would make a great subject for a short film. I have to say this, I thought Hanna was a woman. But no, Hanna is a man, from a village near Nazareth in Northern Israel. After Ed took off, I made some conversation with Hanna to know more about his work, and we ended up talking for hours. Somewhere along the way this song started playing and it put a huge smile on my face.

He told me about his experience in Bosnia, and writing a play about Bosnian refugees coming through Seatac Airport, and how after he was done he had to seek help for a few months. Going up to families, seeing wives pull back clothing on their husband's scars. They didn't want to show that they'd be tortured. It's hard to see men like that.

I told him about all my project ideas. He asked me if I sleep at night. It's 4 in the morning, so....not really.

Hanna gave me a lot of ideas and a lot of encouragement. I want to set up a new fundraising campaign, geared toward the community and people that have more of a direct stake in this project. It should take a few days to draft, and it could be the reason these summer films get made.

Though I just sent in an application to be a comment moderator at HuffPo.