Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Maleh

Sometime around February I went on a walk around Al Aqaba with a woman named Naima. I did a post about it, and talked about how, after wandering around the Roman ruins for a bit, we descended on the Maleh, which is a Bedouin community. One of the women in Al Aqaba, Hagar, is actually from the Maleh, and she married a villager and lives with him and their kids, and his other wife, Sarah. Anyways, a few days ago one of the links on Mondoweiss read "Palestinian familes forced to demolish their own homes." It happens all the time, but this time it happened in the Maleh. I'm just wondering if those women who served me bread and goat cheese and yoghurt and tea and talked and laughed with me and Naima had to take down their homes on Monday.

It's a bedouin community, made up of tents mostly, and animal pens. I remember there being a lot of baby goats, and I was trying to get as much footage of them as I could before my battery died. But I just got a little baby goat on the ground not even kicking or acting cute, so I think I deleted that video. Most women I encountered in rural Palestine didn't want themselves to be filmed, so I didn't film any of my visit. But I wished I could've shared that experience. The women were so lovely. They had a beauty about them I couldn't quite explain. Huge smiles.

Here's the story: