Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Invisible Touch

From this day on, I am going to post a song every day.

This one is in honor of my new favorite activity, which is running on the indoor track at Gold Creek Tennis Club while listening to Genesis.....on Pandora....on my phone.

I'm getting in shape and discovering new Genesis songs all the time!

You might ask, but Morgan, how could you play that cheese, what about the prog years? To that I say Pandora only seems to recognize Phil Collins as Genesis, since the only Peter Gabriel songs they play are Shock the Monkey and Solsbury Hill...

That's fine by me.

On another brother and I have been binging on "How I Met Your Mother." I've seriously underestimated this show. Whenever anyone asked me if I'd seen it, I'd say, "ehh, a few episodes. It seems kind of hit or miss." Now I know that NPH is annoying and Jason Segal is lame because they're such good actors!!

Aha, please. (that's NPH, when someone asks him what he actually does for a living)

Tomorrow my dad and I are starting to tile the bathroom floor. I got to show off all my tiling knowledge at Home Depot, and the guy seemed kind of amused, he kept quizzing me on what I should do. Half the time I just answered, "I was in non-profit, we didn't have so many choices" and feigned amazement at their selection of Wonderboard. Honestly, I wish I had the skills of a contractor, but I was still proud that I remembered all my tools...whilst wearing pink shorts. I learned in AmeriCorps that there's nothing quite so satisfying as showing up guys who try to make you their "screw girl."

My brother is typing real fast. Chik chak, as my friends in Al Aqaba would say. They told me it was Hebrew. I don't really know. I need to order that Hebrew-Ten Minutes a Day off Amazon.

I told my friend (Amin from Bethlehem) over Phad See Lew today, that both Hebrew and Arabic are a litte tainted now. I can't believe I told him the whole story, though the fact that he cracked jokes about it did make me feel better.

Souli always gave me shit for typing loud. Like I was attacking my keyboard. After the first few times I would catch myself before he started laughing. Then I would say "I type with purpose." My favorite line from one of his favorite movies, which is about being on-the-go and restless all the time.

It might be a fuzzier memory if my ex didn't give me the same shit last week...about the typing. That was before I looked up at the Hebrew blessing plate I bought him four years ago and said, "your blessing is upside-down!" "Really? I thought it looked nice like that"....