Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm at Tully's again. Some guy in a cardigan took my window seat from yesterday, so I had to make an insto-feng shui assessment. I'm in a corner now.

These spinach stratas are amazing. I had to go up and order a second one. The guy at the counter asked me, "was that 5K really over there?" and I looked down. The Palestine 5K shirt. "Yeah."

"Cool. One of my best friends is Palestinian."
"No shit!"
"Yeah, he's always talking about some cousin or other that he doesn't even know who's back in the Holy Land..."
The good thing about a 5K shirt is that it shows people that life is happening "over there." And no one will ask you "but...what are you SAYING?" That's why I don't like the idea of walking around in a Free Palestine shirt. I have one that says "Equal Rights for Palestinians" with some people walking by the Wall flying Palestinian flag kites, and I wore it for an awareness walk in New Orleans, but I haven't worn it since.

And...running is just cool. I'd like to run all future Palestine 5K's. I could judge my fitness on my Palestine 5K time. Right now I'd just be really proud if I could run the whole thing...that course is damn hilly.