Monday, July 9, 2012

Don't Stop Believin

On Sunday a bunch of uncles and aunts and cousins assembled at Bayou on the Bay, a southern restaurant in Bellingham. It was incredible. I had crab and scallop Eggs Benedict and a side of cheesy grits and a Bloody Mary. That was a treat.

Then we had donuts and coffee down the street. So much for the lake body.

Then we went to the lake and hung out in the sun and swam and boated all afternoon. Josh made a Pandora station on my phone and this is what came out:

I got mad sunburned. Then Stefan (brother) and Kai (cousin) and I hung out at their friend's big house on the other side of the lake and I watched them play pickleball while I got even more sun. Then our pizza arrived and we stuffed ourselves for the second time.

Then we went back to Kai's and fixed the Al Aqaba poster that I used for my guest house fundraiser. In the first edition, the Arabic ended up saying "saalam" instead of "salaam" because the computer didn't recognize the script and it separated the letters. We had to import the word as an image and insert it that way. I'll post the poster in the next post.

Then Stefan and I drove back to Woodinville, and arrived at midnight 30. I felt absolutely cooked. And passed right out.