Saturday, July 14, 2012

You Still Touch Me

My mom's cousin Stephanie is visiting from California. Her sister and mother and coming in from the East Coast in about an hour, and after they get back Stefan and I are going to caravan with them to our house in the mountains, and hang out with our other brother and a few cousins and uncles and aunts and the grandparents. Uncle Mike and Stephanie are working on promoting my grandpa's paintings, which is really exciting!

Anyways, we spent a long time hanging out with Stephanie last night and towards the end of the night she told us about her experiences at Burning Man. I think it's easy to buy into the negative things people say, I guess I didn't know of anyone's first-hand experience before, but I have to say that now I'm really intrigued.

I asked her, do people stay in touch with people they meet there? Will the movement spread? Do some people just burn out after a few days? Does everyone have to offer a service?

She said one night she was sitting on her camp's storage container looking at the city, which was bright as Vegas, and her friend said, "you know what blows my mind? No one is making money here."

I asked, "so...people feel like this is humanity at its best?"

I'd like to go to Burning Man. I also have an idea of who I'd like to take.

In any case, I'm really stoked for this weekend. Stephanie woke me up this morning and made some coffee and I turned on Pandora and this was the first song that came on. I just sat on the couch and looked at the screen and thought, "aw."