Saturday, July 7, 2012

Poisoning Arafat

Uri Avnery's column: Poisoning Arafat

I honestly don't know that much about Arafat. Except Palestinians call him Abu Amar, and he lived in Lebanon and Tunisia for a while, then the Mukaata in Ramallah, then he died and many people told me he was poisoned. One guy told me it was probably in his chocolates, because he had a weakness for those.

Suffice to say he is seen as a hero, an icon, a beloved leader. There was a picture of him in almost every house I entered. The very few people I met who didn't like his leadereship at the very least respected him.

I met a guy at the Art Institute of Palestine and went back to his mosaic studio to see his work. Most of his pieces were of Handala drawings...and Arafat.

There's going to be a lot of talk of Arafat in the coming weeks. I'm going to do some research.